$63M Motrin Injury Verdict Awarded to Family of Girl Who Developed Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis After Taking Children’s Motrin

A Plymouth, Massachusetts jury has awarded the family of Samantha Reckis $63 million dangerous drug verdict for the severe allergic reaction she experienced from taking Johnson & Johnson’s Children’s Motrin 10 years ago. Samantha T. Reckis was just 7 when she developed Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN).If the trial judge upholds the verdict, payment to the family, with interest, could be as high as $109 million.

Reckis developed the serious but rare medication reaction after taking the pain reliever to treat signs of a fever. She went on to experience fatigue and develop blisters on her body until most of her skin fell off and she went legally blind. According to Medical Daily, not only did doctors at the hospital have to drill a hole in her skull to alleviate pressure but she also suffered chronic short-term memory loss, damaged her lungs, which impaired her breathing capacity.

The jury determined that J & J and its McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals, which makes the children’s ibuprofen, neglected to provide adequate warnings about the possible side effects that could result from this over-the-counter medication. Of the $63M Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis injury verdict, $50M is for Samantha and $13 million is for her parents.

Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
TEN is considered a more serious form of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS). They are both severe allergic reactions to medications. This deadly skin disease can prove fatal. That said, if the patient is lucky enough to survive, he/she could be left with serious injuries and disabilities.

TEN symptoms are initially mild-headaches, aches, cough, or fever. Then, a red rash may spread across the face and the rest of the body. The rash usually turns into blisters that may even afflict the mouth, eyes, and vaginal area. Should the mucous membranes become inflamed, skin layers may start to peel away. Nails and hair also may come off.

The exposed areas beneath skin that has peeled off may make a patient even more susceptible to infection. Also, as noted in the TEN injury case involving the Reckis family, there may be other serious side effects.

Drug makers can be held liable if their meds prove dangerous to use and/or if they forgot to provide adequate warnings and proper instructions. One wouldn’t think that a child’s pain reliever bought over the counter could cause such a serious disease but Reckis isn’t the only one to become afflicted with TEN or SJS after taking a children’s med.

Suing a pharmaceutical company for drug injury damages won’t undo what happened but it can help you with your costs and allow you to hold the responsible parties liabile for your pain, suffering, and other damages.

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