Beyaz Birth Control Pill Carries Similar Health Risks As Yaz and Yasmin

In previous blog posts, our drug injury law firm has written about the risks associated with taking Yasmin and Yaz birth control pills. Now, we want to make sure you are aware that Beyaz, another birth control pill made by Bayer, also carries an increased risk of blood clots, heart attack, and stroke.

Beyaz was introduced into the market in 2010. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the drug because it is similar to the Yaz birth control pill. They are both contraceptive pills that are estrogen/progesterone-based. The difference is that Beyaz has folic acid, which can lower the risks of a neural tube defect should the birth control fail.

Since then, the FDA has told Bayer to modify its warnings on the Yaz label to more clearly disclose the blood clot-related risks. The agency put out a warning in 2011 notifying the public that birth control with drospirenone, a synthetic hormone, has been linked to a greater risk of blood clot. According to the preliminary results of one FDA-funded study, drospirenone in a contraceptive ups the risk of blood clots by about 1.5 times compared to in women who use hormonal birth control.

Our Boston Beyaz injury lawyers represent women and their families wishing to obtain Massachusetts injury compensation for the serious side effects caused by taking this birth control pill. Other risks and injuries associated with Beyaz include deep vein thrombosis, gallbladder disease, pulmonary embolism, and sudden death.

Meantime, the number of Yasmin and Yaz lawsuits continue to grow. Thousands of birth control injury cases are pending. Already more than 7,600 claimants have settled with Bayer for close to $1.575 billion dollars.

Earlier this year, a jury awarded a woman a $14 million Yasmin injury verdict. Her attorneys claimed that Mariola Zapalski had a stroke less than two weeks after she started taking the contraceptive. They said that her gynecologist should not have prescribed this type of birth control to Zapalski, 37, because of her age, high cholesterol, and smoking habit.

She sustained permanent brain injury and her left side became paralyzed. Zapalski now needs permanent, full-time care and is in a wheelchair. Her husband, 44, had to quit his work as a machinist to take care of her.

Zapalski and her husband also sued her doctor. They reached a $2.5 million medical malpractice settlement with Resurrection Medical Center.

Unfortunately, not every type of birth control is for everyone and there can be risks involved. Our Boston Yaz/Yasmin injury law firm helps clients obtain Massachusetts products liability damages for the harm they have suffered because a drug maker made a dangerous or defective drug, failed to warn about the risks, wrongly marketed the medication, or was negligent in other ways.

We also pursue Boston medical malpractice cases against physicians and medical centers that played a part in causing a drug defect injury. Contact Altman & Altman, LLP today.

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