IVC Filter Lawsuits– facts about surgical blood clot filters

Inferior vena cava (IVC) filters are surgical devices that are threaded into the body through the skin and are intended to prevent life-threatening blood clots from forming after a medical procedure or accident. IVC filters can be implemented permanently or temporarily and removed once the patient’s risk of blood clotting is reduced. Over 250,000 of these devices have been installed as of 2012.  However, even though an IVC filter is intended to be retrieved, there is no guarantee that it can be successfully removed. In fact, in a recent study of patients who had plans to have their temporary IVC filters installed, over 25% of them were unable to have their filters successfully removed. The longer that a temporary filter is left in the body, the higher the chance of something going terribly wrong.

Dangers of IVC filters

Despite being approved by the FDA decades ago, it has been revealed in recent years that these delicate devices are prone to malfunctioning and even breaking. As a result, pieces of the IVC filters can then travel through a person’s body causing serious or even deadly injuries such as piercing internal organs or causing blockages in the blood stream.

Other side effects of a malfunctioning IVC filter device include:

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Irregular breathing and chest pain
  • Heart damage
  • Fluid buildup around the heart

Currently the FDA is collecting more analytical information to assess the risks versus benefits of temporary IVC filters. In the meantime, many people who have suffered as a result of these devices are filing suit against the manufacturing companies. These include Boston Scientific, C.R. Bard and Cook Medical, the latter of which has had over 100 suits filed against them.

Devices that are included in these lawsuits include:

  • Bard recovery filter
  • Bard G2 filter
  • Bard G2 Express filter
  • Cook Gunther Tulip filter
  • Cook Celect filter
  • Boston Scientific Greenfield filter
  • Let us fight for you

If you or somebody you love has been victimized by a faulty IVC filter as the direct result of a company’s negligence or failure to warn of a potentially deadly side effect, you need somebody on your side to fight for you. There are multiple legal avenues to potentially take, including joining in on class action lawsuits or filing suit against a specific company.  The only way to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve and aren’t taken advantage of is to hire a team of dedicated legal professionals. At Altman & Altman LLP, our team of attorneys has the experience and dedication to never stop fighting for you. Call us at 617-492-3000 or toll free at 800-481-6199.

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