Stryker Settles Hip Implant Lawsuits for $1.43 Billion

Stryker, a company that makes artificial hip implants, has reached a settlement to resolve thousands of products liability lawsuits over the now-recalled medical devices. The deal is expected to cost the manufacturer approximately $1.43 billion.

The agreement covers patients who were implanted with the ABG II Modular-Neck or the Rejuvenate Modular-Neck and had to undergo another procedure to have the hip implant replaced. Both models were recalled in 2012 in the wake of growing patient complaints of corrosion and other problems.

According to the plaintiffs, Stryker sold the faulty implants, which deteriorated in their bodies and caused them illness, swelling, and pain. Their defective medical device lawsuits accused Stryker of negligence for failing to properly test the ABG II and Rejuvenate models before releasing them and not warning doctors and patients about the possible side effects and risks. Some of the devices loosened while in patients, while others released toxic metal into the bloodstream.

The settlement with Stryker comes a year after another hip implant maker, Johnson & Johnson, consented to pay around $2.5 billion to settle thousands of defective medical device lawsuits. J & J agreed to pay $250,000 for each hip implant replacement surgery to about 8,000 patients. The agreement, however, didn’t cover hip implant lawsuits involving the company’s DePuy Orthopaedics unit or patients who had yet to have their J & J devices replaced.

Now, say some sources, J & J may be getting ready to agree to pay over $250 million to resolve hip implant lawsuits involving its ASR products that were made by DePuy and later recalled. Patients who could qualify include those that had their ASR devices taken out after August of last year. Some 1,000 DePuy ASR defect cases could be affected.

The ASR devices were marketed as a device that would not only give patients better range of motion but also were supposed to last for two decades. Instead, within a few years, implant replacement surgeries had to be conducted after reports of dislocation, metal poisoning, and pain.

J & J’s all metal hips also proved at risk of corrosion, which can be toxic for patients. Serious side effects may even include impaired hearing, vision problems, and depression.

Our Boston defective hip implant lawyers represent patients who were implanted with a faulty device. Aside from the risks of metal poisoning and other health issues, there is also the additional pain and suffering from having to undergo further procedures to get a faulty device replaced-not to mention the extra medical costs, lost income, and additional complications that may have resulted. Contact Altman & Altman, LLP today.

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