Use of Ocella Birth Control Pill May Cause Higher Stroke Risk

If you or someone you love suffered a stroke or other serious health complications while taking the birth control pill Ocella, please contact our drug injury law firm right away. This generic version of the popular Yasmin drug has been linked to a higher risk of stroke by a number of studies-especially in women over the age 35 and those with a history high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol, or who smoke or drink regularly.

One likely reason for this higher stroke risk is that taking Ocella ups how much of the hormone estrogen a woman has in her body. That said, Ocella also contains drospirenone, a synthetic progestin, which the Food and Drug Administration has said may be a cause of heart issues and other health problems, including stroke, heart attack, and blood clots.

Blood clots are a leading cause of strokes. Should a blood clot make its way through the bloodstream to obstruct the flow of blood to the brain, brain cells may be damaged, even destroyed. Common stroke symptoms include:

• Coordination loss • Weakness in one or both sides of the body • Facial muscle weakness, dizziness • Speech difficulties • Loss of consciousness • Irregular or rapid heartbeat
• Vision problems • Headaches • Balance problems • Chest pains • Breathing problems • Cerebral swelling • Seizures • Intracranial hemorrhaging or pressure

While a certain level of blood clotting is normal, for clots to develop because someone is taking Ocella is not. Ocella use might also lead to other health issues, such as deep vein thrombosis (which can cause permanent organ damage), heart attack, pulmonary embolism, gall bladder injury, pancreatitis, abnormal heart rhythm, kidney failure, venous thromboembolism, hepatic adenoma, cardiac arrhythmia, and death.

Already, a number of Ocella lawsuits have been filed against manufacturer Barr Laboratories over serious health complications. Also, Ocella isn’t only used by people seeking to prevent pregnancy. Off-label uses for this medication include treatment of premenstrual dysphoric disorder and moderate acne.

Ocella Lawsuits
Drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies must make sure that their medications are safe for use and don’t lead to deadly health complications. They must also warn of possible adverse reactions and risks and do this in a way that there is no doubt in the minds of medical professionals and their patients of what are the possible serious side effects.

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Filing a drug injury lawsuit over your Ocella health complications may allow you to obtain compensation for the harm that you have suffered. At Altman & Altman, LLP, our Ocella injury lawyers are committed to holding negligent manufacturers liable on our clients’ behalf. We want to help to spread awareness about dangerous drugs so that the necessary changes can be made to the pharmaceutical industry and current regulations.

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